Our farming practices must not only examine & strive for excellence in the quality of our wines, but the quality and sustainability of the land.

"Growing and making wine sustainably is a holistic approach to production that evolves the environmental aspect of the craft. It looks at how we can better use energy and water to create efficiency, support regions and communities, and establish a business that is resilient and thriving."

´╗┐Sustainability Winegrowing Australia

Being farmers is about being sustainable. As current custodians of this land we are extremely mindful that we need to not only practice sustainable farming and winegrowing, we must actively leave the land in better condition than when we arrived.

We are part of Sustainable Winegrowing Australia. This initiative enables a greater understanding of what is happening in the vineyard and winery. It allows us understand where we currently are, and plan for where we want our winegrowing practices to be.

LAND & SOIL- We are developing plans to enhance the fertility of the soil though increasing biodiversity in order to create sustainable, long term productivity.

WATER- Reduction on the reliance of water usage via increased soil health, better vine management and utilising varieties better suited to our region.

BIODIVERSITY- This has always been relevant in our farming. Great biodiversity creates a healthier ecosystem.

ENERGY- We are working to lower our energy usage and therefore our greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint. This includes better and more efficient water management and locking up parts of the property in order for them to regenerate.

The Sustainable Winegrowing Australia Trust Mark: The trust mark may only be used on wine labels and other packaging materials when the wine is produced in a Sustainable Winegrowing Australia certified member winery or wineries AND at least 85% of the grapes from which the wine was made have been grown in a Sustainable Winegrowing Australia certified member vineyard/s.

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