About us


Angullong has a strong pastoral heritage. The Crossing family acquired the Angullong property in 1950 and has continued to run the property as a successful sheep and cattle station.

A portion of the property (540 acres) was planted to vineyards in 1998, 1999 and 2000. The remaining 4,000 acres of well watered and sheltered grazing country is used for the Crossing family’s commercial Angus cattle and fodder cropping enterprises (Angullong Pastoral Co).

The Angullong wine label was created in 2003. We are the first generation of winegrowers drawing on the expertise and care that the previous generations have put into the land.


Angullong Vineyard is one of the largest vineyards in the area with a total area of 220 hectares (550 acres) under vines. Angullong is situated near the locality of Panuara, about 35km south of Orange and 350km west of Sydney.

The vineyards straddle the Orange Region (GI) boundary. The vineyards range in altitude from 620 metres down to 580 metres above sea level. All of the fruit for our Orange Region wines is sourced from the vines above 600 metres.
Vine plantings occurred during 1998 (190ha), 1999 and 2000 (30ha).

A careful hands-on approach to vineyard management ensures continuous production of quality fruit and wines. Our growing season starts with pruning of the vines in the winter months, after leaf fall. All vines are pruned by hand to ensure a correct crop load and vine balance.

Vine canopy is manipulated during the growing season to ensure fruit is exposed to the appropriate amount of sunlight and ensure adequate airflow to minimize the incidence of disease. This is done by manually positioning the foliage wires on the trellis.

Our management practices, location and dry climate mean disease risk at Angullong is relatively low and therefore our need for fungicides is minimal.

During the growing season the vines are assessed for crop yield; the fruit is strategically thinned if required to ensure the optimal ratio of fruit to leaf area is achieved, resulting in the best quality fruit possible.

The season finishes in late summer/early autumn with harvest. Harvest usually starts in early March with Sauvignon Blanc and finishes in late April with Cabernet Sauvignon.

The majority of the fruit is harvested using state of the art mechanical harvesters however some parcels of whites (Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and Viognier) are harvested by hand in the cool of the morning. This fruit is typically used for the Fossil Hill range and Reserve wines.

As fifth generation farmers operating as a family company we recognise the importance of sustainable agricultural practices. Our business and family are committed to ensuring the long term health and improvement of the land we work and the environment in which we live for the benefit of generations to come.


When it comes to making wine our philosophy is straightforward; we believe that the ultimate quality of the wine is determined in the vineyard and that the role of the winemaker is to allow the grapes to reveal themselves in a regionally expressive manner. As such we have a portfolio of wines that reflect the terroir of the region.

Our wines are made using several state of the art facilities and talented winemakers from Orange and in the nearby Hunter Valley.

The winemaking is overseen by Jon Reynolds, a highly experienced winemaker who has extensive experience in making wines from the Orange region.

The size of our vineyards, its varying soils and aspects enable us to select the best parcels of fruit for Angullong wines. We can select smaller parcels of fruit, with each one adding a further dimension and level of complexity to the finished blend.

We are driven by a desire to produce premium quality, cutting edge wines that is highly respected by you, our customer, as well as our industry peers.