Knowledge gained through experience leads to Reserve release

Knowledge gained through experience leads to Reserve release

Since its inception in 1998 Angullong’s Crossing family have produced some of the Orange region’s best Shiraz grapes. This experience, vine maturity and meticulous viticulture have culminated with the release of the winery’s new flagship wine, the 2013 Angullong Crossing Reserve Shiraz.

The new Reserve wine is made from a single block of Shiraz grown on the higher elevations of the Angullong vineyards. Year on year, this particular block produces grapes with more character, balance and concentration of flavour. We couldn’t have asked for a better vintage than 2013 and this brought our Reserve project to a head.

The Crossing family know well that opportunities such as the 2013 vintage are not the norm. In agriculture you learn to take the opportunities that good seasons present; 2013 was one such season.

The Orange wine region can be described as a number of regions layered over each other. Being bounded by the 600 metre contour around the dramatic slopes of Mount Canobolas, the best wines are those where the varieties have been matched with each micro clime which is largely determined by elevation.
Red varieties such as Shiraz and Tempranillo are working particularly well around the 600 to 750 metre tier, with chardonnay and Pinot Noir enjoying some of the higher sites.

The knowledge of these sites, elevations and varieties is only gained through experience, and this is evident in the wines now being made in Orange.
The Angullong Crossing Reserve block sits within aged red / brown loamy top-soils, a result of the volcanic origins of Mount Canobolas. This gives way to sandy clay and shale subsoils with a limestone base ensuring good aeration and drainage. The result is relatively low vine vigour and low yields.

The new Crossing Reserve is a limited release wine with only two hundred cases produced. Whilst 2013 is the first vintage, we have made small parcels from 2014 and ensuing vintages. The wine was matured for 12 months in French oak and then 18 months in bottle before release. It has been quite a journey and we are proud to dedicate this wine to our father Bill Crossing who passed away suddenly in October 2015.

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