Orange Region

Orange is Australia’s ‘coolest’ region

The Orange region is classified as ‘cool climate’. This means it has a longer cooler ripening period over the summer as opposed to the warmer regions in Australia.

Its high elevation, combined with long warm days and cool nights, gives a gentler ripening ensuring fruit will develop intense fruit flavours.

As a result Orange region wines are particularly stylish with a unique intensity of flavour, great colour, balance, natural acidity and fine tannins.

The Orange region is the only GI (Geographic Indication) that is defined by altitude, the lowest boundary starts at 600 metres above sea level and rises up to 1,400 metres at its highest peak of Mt Canobolas. The highest vineyards are planted at around 1,100 metres.

Over the years the various informal sub-regions of Orange are becoming far more evident. Our sub region at 600 plus metres is a short distance from the high elevation Mount Canobolas sub region. We find that our wines, especially the reds, are slightly fuller and riper, whilst still maintaining the elegance and structure of our cool region.

Our winemaking team has the experience to use the best winemaking techniques for our sub-region. We feel that our wines are continuing to improve, and recent vintages were certainly very good across the whole Orange Region.


Rainfall is winter/spring dominant with February, March and April being the driest months and ideal for quality wine production.

The mean January temperature is 20ºC and is continental in nature, with cold winters and moderate summer temperatures.

Due to the diverse range of microclimates in the region, Orange produces a great diversity of wines; from lovely aromatic Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling to elegant Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, to rich full-bodied Shiraz and Cabernet.

Many of these wines have achieved success both domestically and internationally.

Annual rainfall 942 mm (37.5 inches)

Mean January Temperature 19.6ºC (67.5°F)

Highest Daily Mean Temperature 38.3ºC (101°F)

Lowest Daily Mean Temperature -5.6ºC (22°F)